Could You Use 253 Additional Laughs This Week?

'Crossroads Road: A Novel' delivers AT LEAST one per page

Readers have spoken, and they tell us they can’t make it through a single page of Crossroads Road without laughing.

And during this time of high unemployment, four dollar per gallon gasoline, and food prices that can drive an otherwise sane person to plant tomatoes in his yard, we could all use a bit of relief, right?

Jeff Kay, creator of the long-running humor website The West Virginia Surf Report, has finally put his comedic talents into book form. Crossroads Road is perfect for fans of National Lampoon magazine,Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

And it delivers at least one laugh per page, for 253 pages. In a row.

“Best case scenario, you’re going to laugh a whole hell of a lot. Worst case, you’re going to laugh a partial hell of a lot. Either way, those are laughably good odds.” -Jason Headley, author of ‘Small Town Odds’ and ‘Pure Spirits’


Jovis McIntire’s quiet life in the suburbs is turned upside down the day his mother-in-law wins $234 million in a multi-state lottery. She quickly makes an identical offer to all her children and their families: a large, custom-built home, and two million dollars cash.

But there’s a catch, a nasty hook hidden inside the bait. If the deal is accepted, they will all be required to live together on a newly-created cul-de-sac in southern California, for the remainder of the matriarch’s life — a woman Jovis sarcastically calls Sunshine.

Not a chance!

And that would only be the beginning of it, he knows. The rest of his wife’s family is no prize, either. Nancy the bohemian earth child with organic, free-range armpits, Kevin the pompous scarf-wearing intellectual, Sue the 400-pound attention junkie who throws herself down flights of stairs for sympathy… Jovis sees them all as kooks, in one way or another, and they want him to live amongst them? Not for a million bucks! Or two million, even.

But his defiance begins to fade when Jovis returns to his job, and realizes he’s now there by choice.

“A rarity. A comic novel that delivers genuine laughs and a finely honed plot. The outlandish scenarios and oddball characters are surprisingly relatable. The voice is effortless. A hell of a lot of fun.” -Aaron Starmer, author of ‘The Only Ones’ and ‘DWEEB’


Jeff Kay carried the premise for Crossroads Road around inside his head for several years, along with a secret pledge to someday find the time to sit down and write the novel.  When his longtime employer abruptly provided him the opportunity to work elsewhere, he vowed to turn a negative into a positive and finally started work on the project.

“In the beginning I was almost writing out of spite,” Kay explains.  “I was knocked for an emotional loop, and had an I’LL SHOW ‘EM! attitude.  But that unhealthy feeling soon faded, and I really got into the story, and the crazy consequences of Jovis’ deal with the Devil. On the best days, I felt like sending my old company a thank you note.”

“I certainly wasn’t trying to create great art, or provide the meaning of life,” Kay adds.  “I just wanted the book to be fun to read, tightly plotted, and loaded with laughs.  That was my goal, and I’m proud of the way it turned out.  It might not be The Red Badge of Courage, but it’s a hell of a lot funnier.”

Filled with unforgettable characters and unpredictable situations, Crossroads Road is a perfect book for the beach, or the daily commute. It’s also a fun and easy read for a lazy weekend, but probably not the best choice for a funeral or a hostage situation.

“If you are wondering where your sense of humor has gone and are having trouble finding it, look no further than this book. The story is hilarious. It is very clever, imaginative, and bright. Make sure that you have a generous block of time to devote to reading because you will have a hard time putting it down.” -Bill Thibadeau, Amazon review


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The paperback version is also available at Amazon and CreateSpace.


Not a problem. You can read the first chapter of Crossroads Roads here, see the reviews at Amazon, check out Jeff Kay’s West Virginia Surf Report!, and compare the book to an actual Filet-O-Fish sandwich in the photo below (click to enlarge). It’s up to you… 253 additional laughs, or depressing news and an evening filled with burning tartar belches.